Friday Afternoon, June 22nd, 2012 & Saturday, June 23rd • Delta St. John's, St. John's, NL

Set sail with your APTLA colleagues on a high seas adventure with something for everyone. This conference will help you swashbuckle your way to fair settlements, swagger through causation, while throwing a lifeline to your MIST cases. There will be live demonstrations, panel discussions, and presentations from your APTLA mates to help you navigate your case through rough waters. Don’t get shipwrecked. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this ship-shape plaintiff practice program.

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The APTLA SAILING SCHOOL program will include:
Sailing with Confidence: The Latest Cases You Need to Know
Move Over Morse Code: Effective Written and Oral Communication for the Modern Advocate
Navigate Your Case to a Fair Settlement: Insights from a Motley Crew
All the Latest Bells and Whistles: Winning with Technology
   - “Case Map” – Charting a New Course with Case Management Software
   - “Relativity” – Fishing for Relevant Data with Electronic Disclosure Software

• Victory Doesn’t Just “Come-by-Chance”: Understanding the Common Misuse and Abuse of Probability and Causation Theory
Short Snappers and Other Tidbits
  • Running it up the Flagpole: Offers to settle in Atlantic Canada • Negligence on the High Seas: Offshore Liability Regime in NS and NL
  • Luxury Liner or Rust Bucket:  Rates - Real, Nominal, Discount and Structures - Which is it?
  • Ship’s Pay - To Deduct or Not to Deduct CPP • Signing On Board – How Binding are Releases?
  • Deep Six: Understanding Loss of Companionship in Wrongful Death Litigation

• S.O.S. - A Lifeline for Defeating the Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) Defence
Sailing into the Setting Sun: Learn How the Aging Process affects Soft Tissue Injuries and Employability to Maximize your Client’s Damage Claim
Clearing the Decks: Developing Issues in Expert Evidence and the Pre-Trial Conference
From Learning the Ropes to Forty Lashes: Live Demonstration of Objections to Admissibility, Examination and Cross-Examination of the Defence Medical Expert
After the Smoke Clears: Panel Discussion on Examination, Cross and Admissibility
Sailing towards the Horizon: Experts and the Search for the Truth

The APTLA SAILING SCHOOL includes BOTH Chief Justices for Newfoundland and Labrador, and brings together an amazing faculty presenting inspirational, highly relevant, skills sharpening education.

The APTLA SAILING SCHOOL has two featured presentations of note for those considering the conference:
Forensic and Medical Epidemiologist, Dr. Michael Freeman, is returning to APTLA to speak on two topics of keen interest to Members and Plaintiff lawyers. In his first presentation, Dr. Freeman is speaking on
"Understanding the Common Misuse and Abuse of Probability and Causation Theory". Insurers use the terms and concepts of probability to assess the cause of injury and thus the damages available (or not) to the injured victim. These concepts can be easily misused by the defense, with the support of junk science and plaintiff counsel who do not know how to use probability effectively. Learn how to spot the most common misuses of probability in litigation, and learn how to use this knowledge to expose and defeat defense tactics designed to turn the case against your client. In his second presentation, Dr. Freeman will speak on "Defeating the Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) Defence". How can your client have suffered injuries when their vehicle is undamaged or the impact was so minor? If you have ever heard this question, you need to know the answer. We’ve brought you one of the world's leading authorities on low vehicle damage collisions and the MIST defense. Learn how to win your MIST cases by defeating defense tactics through use of probability, simple math, research and common sense. Both of these featured presentations are "required content" for anyone pursuing a plaintiff practice in civil litigation.

Our full Faculty includes: The Hon. Chief Justice J. Derek Green and the Hon. Justice Lois Hoegg, of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador; the Hon. Chief Justice David Orsborn, of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador; and APTLA Members Ches Crosbie, Q.C., Ches Crosbie Barristers; Don MacBeath, Q.C., MacBeath & Associates; Kevin Preston, Easton Lawrence Hillier Preston; Robert Creamer, Lawson & Creamer; John Maynard, McInnes Cooper; Ray Wagner, Wagners; John McKiggan, Q.C., Arnold Pizzo McKiggan; Glenda Best, Q.C., Roebothan MacKay Marshall; Ernest Gittens, Gittens & Associates; David Gauthier, Gauthier & Associates; Geoff Aylward, Aylward Chislett Whitten; Jessica Dellow, Ches Crosbie Barristers; Melissa MacAdam, Patterson Law; and J.D. Comeau & Mathieu Picard, Cantini Law Group; Sean Fitzgerald, Vocational Rehabilitation Assessments, Inc.; and presenters Bruce Hillyer, Martin & Hillyer; Nicholas Crosbie, Cox & Palmer; Bob Smye, McKellar Structured Settlements; Irene Muzychka, Curtis Dawe; Craig Garson, Q.C., Garson MacDonald; Jane Simmons, Integrated Occupational Health Services; David Goodland, Goodland O'Flaherty; Dan Boone, Stewart McKelvey; Brian Summers, of Unifund; and Dr. Mark Stefanelli; and our Keynote Speaker, Michael D. Freeman, PhD MPH DC, Forensic Epidemiologist, Departments of Public Health & Preventive Medicine and Psychiatry, Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine.

** NOTE TO NEW BRUNSWICK REGISTRANTS:  This program has been accredited for 9.5 Hours of Mandatory Continuing Professional Education by the Law Society of New Brunswick. **


WHO CAN REGISTER?  APTLA'S SAILING SCHOOLis open to APTLA Members and Non-Members, lawyers and non-lawyers.

$399.00 + HST = $458.85 for APTLA Lawyer Members
$399.00 + HST = $458.85 for APTLA Associate Members
$299.00 + HST = $343.85 for APTLA Young Lawyer Section Members
$199.00 + HST = $228.85 for APTLA Clerks & Students
$565.22 + HST = $650.00 for Non-Members
$399.00 + HST = $458.85 for Non-Member Clerks & Students

Conference Registration includes conference attendance, refreshment breaks, the conference luncheon, a ticket for the Presidents' Reception, a CD of conference materials and HST. A discount in registration fee is given to APTLA Members.


WHO CAN JOIN THE ASSOCIATION?  APTLA welcomes both plaintiff lawyers and non-lawyers to Membership. We would love to welcome you to Membership in the Association. Non-Members may wish to consider joining APTLA if they qualify for Membership. New Members immediately qualify for reduced pricing for this conference.

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APTLA has established a preferred room rate of $179-$254 (depending on category and features of accommodations) at the Delta St. John's for those attending the conference. This rate is subject to availability and you must quote the Block Code (GCAPTLA0612) when you are making your reservation. You can reserve a room online at the
APTLA/Delta Reservations Page or by calling 1-888-793-3582. Please make your booking as soon as possible and before Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012. After that date, the Delta will release our Room Block and rooms will be subject to availability and regular pricing.

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CANCELLATIONS - Registration cancellations must be received by the office no later than Friday, June 8th, 2012. We will issue a refund for the registration fee paid less a $50.00 processing fee. APTLA cannot accepts cancellations after June 8th, 2012 and refunds will not be issued after that date. IF YOU RESERVE A PLACE WITHOUT PAYMENT AND WITHDRAW AFTER Friday, June 8th, 2012 - WE WILL BE OBLIGED TO INVOICE YOU, AS WE WILL BE CHARGED FOR YOU BY THE VENUE. Substitution of another attendee from the same category of registation is always permitted, althought we would appreciate notice of such substitutions.