Half-Day, Friday, June 20th & Full-Day, June 21st, 2014 • Rodd Brudenell River Resort, Roseneath, PEI

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** This conference is accredited for SEVEN and a HALF (7.5) HOURS of Mandatory Continuing Professional Development credits. This does not incude the luncheon address, so the final accessment may represent Eight (8) hours.**

In baseball, Spring Training is a series of practices and exhibitions preceding the beginning of regular season. APTLA's Spring Training is just what you need to know to bring forward the best case for your client. We are covering case valuation, evidence, economic losses, discovery, workers comp, important recent caselaw, experts, and litigation planning. It will be a thorough review of many important aspects of a winning personal injury file.

HOME RUN ON ECONOMIC LOSSES:  No doubt about it. Winning a multi-million dollar judgement is like hitting a home run. But judgements like that don’t just happen. To win big you must cover all three bases of future economic loss: future income, future cost of care and future loss of valuable services. Our judicial trends analysis will provide you with a thorough understanding of the evidentiary requirements and current approaches to proving future economic losses in Atlantic Canada. You’ll be ready to hit a home run for your client the next time you’re up at bat.
Judicial Trends: Diminished Earning Capacity / Loss of Future Wages Across the Atlantic Provinces
Judicial Trends: The Cost of Future Care & Loss of Valuable Services Across the Atlantic Provinces

SPECIAL SCOUTING REPORT – WORKERS COMPSelecting clients for your practice is like selecting players for a baseball team – you simply can’t put everyone on the team. Screening personal injury clients is hard enough but when the injury arises in the workplace, special considerations arise. Is the claim barred entirely? Can the client opt out of workers comp? Can other employees or employers be sued? Does it matter whether the claim arises from a car accident? Learn the answers to these and other questions in our Worker’s Comp session so next time you’ll be able to make the call on adding another player to your roster or sending the client to another franchise.
Where and How Does Workers’ Comp Interact with the Private Bar?
Opting for Workers Comp vs. Pursuing A Claim Against the Tortfeasor: The Pros & Cons

EVALUATION DAY:  Like ball players, each case is unique. In your practice it’s your job to decide what each case is worth. Overreach and you could end up spending months if not years trying to find the end of the rainbow – a disservice to your dissapointed client who has waited patiently for compensation. Undervalue the claim the client is shortchanged. Learn how to value a PI claim as experienced council weigh in on various real life case scenarios.
What’s the Case Worth?
The Importance of Short-Lived Evidence in Collision Investigation

THE AGENT’S CUT – SUBROGATED CLAIMSLike a player’s agent, your client’s insurers and other agencies have got them to where they are today – hopefully on the road to financial and medical recovery. Now they want their cut – but what exactly are they entitled to under their insurance polices? Should clients sign additional repayment agreements? What statutory subrogation rights exist and what obligations to lawyers have under this legisation? What happened to the common law limits on the right of subrogation?
Subrogated Damage Claims vs. Repayment Agreements

Update from the Courts – APTLA Young Lawyers Section

GAME STRATEGY:  Winning cases like winning games is not just about your case or your team. Winning cases requires attention to the other team as well. In the flowing sessions you will learn the strategies and techniques that you need to master to effectively discover a critical member of the opponent’s team - the defence expert from one of the North Americas leading personal injury litigators. You will also hear directly from one trial judge on the effective use of the plaintiff’s expert. Finally you will learn how to use summary judgment and other rules to strike an early decisive blow to the defence case to give your client victor or the upper hand.
Discoveries That Can Win Your Case
Summary Judgments:  Rules & Tools
Are Your Experts Worth It? A View from the Bench on Effective Use of Expert Witnesses

COACH’S PLAYBOOK:  Well executed plans deliver victory both on the field and in the courtroom. Learn how to devise a sound litigation plan and stick to it from one of America’s top personal injury litigators.
The Psychology of Winning

APTLA is delighted to announce that we will be joined by Richard D. Hailey, of Ramey & Hailey (IN). Rich is a former Past President of the American Association for Justice, and a founder and instructor at AAJ's annual Deposition College. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise as both a trial lawyer and a legal educator to our program, and is not to be missed. In addition, we are joined by the Hon. Justice Benjamin Taylor (PEI) and the Hon. Justice Cindy Bourgeois (NS) to get important insight from their views from the bench.


Seahold Investments   •   McKellar Structured Settlements   •   Vocational Rehabilitation Assessments

Bridgepoint Financial    •    Carol Bierbrier & Associates    •    Collins Barrow

Legal Nurse Atlantic    •    Dilkes, Jeffery & Associates    •    AssessMed


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