Monday, July 12th, 2010
Rooms 205-207 West, Level 1, Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre


6:30 am            Tripping Up the Utility Company: Millan v. PAWC
                        Lawrence Spegar, PA

6:40 am            Gardasil
                         Melissa Fry Hague, PA

6:50 am            The Effect of General Releases on Qui Tam Cases
                          Loren Jacobson, TX

7:00 am            Vaginal Mesh
                         Mark T. Sadaka, M.S.P.H., J.D., NY

7:10 am            Radiation Overexposure
                         Emily Hawk Raley, AL

7:20 am            Federal Labor Standards Act
                         Amanda A. Farahany, GA

7:30 am            Toyota Sudden Acceleration and Other Resources from the AAJ Exchange
                         R. Graham Esdale, AL

7:40 am            Foodborne Illness
                         Richard J. Arsenault, LA 

7:50 am           Products Liability in Review
                         Christopher Morrison, Ontario

8:00 am           Food Safety
                         Clint G. Docken, Q.C., Alberta

8:10 am           Tobacco
                         Paul Harte, Ontario

8:20 am           Motorcycle Safety Gear
                         Adam R. Little, Ontario

8:30 am            Adjourn