Friday, November 13th, 2009
Delta Halifax, Halifax, NS



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Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum. (Therefore, he who wishes peace, should prepare war.)
                                                                      - Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, Roman Military Writer.

Prepare for peace by preparing for war. In this boot camp for plaintiff's lawyers, our faculty of experienced trial lawyers provide the combat training you need to go head to head with the best of the defence bar and the powerful insurance companies and self insured defendants behind them. You'll learn the plaintiff friendly insurance law principles you need to have in your arsenal during preliminary skirmishes and epic courtroom battles. You'll learn how to choose your battles by identifying coverage available to satisfy your client's judgement. You'll learn how to avoid settlement landmines by recognizing the right settlement agreement. Avoid collateral damage by knowing the key concepts in disability, homeowners and commercial general policies. You'll hear tips and strategies from seasoned trial warriors so you can not only fight the good fight - but battle to win!

There's no conference like it. Enlist today. See you at 0900.

Our INSURANCE WARS Conference will include:
Short Snappers & Case updates
Legal Weapons Too: Insurance Law Principals You Need to Know
Worth Fighting For - Targeting the Homeowner's Policy
Business of War - Understanding the Commercial General Policy
Don't Win the Battle but Lose the War - Punitive, Exemplary and Aggravated Damages - Know What's Covered
Enemy Within - Working with Worker's Compensation - What You Need to Know
Collateral Damage - Maximise Your Client's Long-Term Disability Claim by Minimizing Collateral Deductions and more
Truth About Truces - How NOT to Win the Battle but Lose the War - Mary Carter & Preminger Agreements
Your Wounded - Tips on How to Help Your Disabled Client and Get Paid for It
Taking on the Big Guns - Advocacy Against the Odds
Private Battle - Litigation to Win Against the Self-Insured Defendant
War and Peace - How a "Monk" Can Help You Win Against Your Own Insurer: Important Lessons from the Ontario Court of Appeal

We are pleased to include a Keynote Address titled Military Strategy - What Every Trial Lawyer Should Know About Probability by Probably Doesn't. Insurers and their experts routinely use terms and concepts of probability (risk) to deprive plaintiffs of compensation for injury. The way they use probability ranges from improper to dishonest, yet most lawyers don't know how to identify such junk science, much less combat it. Forensic Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Freeman will explain the most common misuses of probability in litigation and tell you how to use this knowledge to expose and defeat defense junk science.

We are pleased to feature a Luncheon Address by Richard Halpern, Immediate Past President of OTLA, "Preserving Access to Justice: Resisting the Push to Restrict Tort Rights".

Our faculty includes: APTLA President, George McAllister; Past President, Robert Creamer; Past President, Barry Mason; Past President, Ray Wagner; Maurice Bourque, Q.C.; Bruce Gillis, Q.C., Lorraine Lafferty, Q.C.; John Merrick, Q.C.; David Brennan; Michael Dull; Dale Dunlop; Derrick Kimball; Sean Layden; John McKiggan & Paul Miller.

We know that there are many options for your continuing legal education; but APTLA is the only provider in the Atlantic Provinces creating programming specifically to support and enhance plaintiff practice. It is one of our most significant Member Benefits.

REGISTRATION & MEMBERSHIP: APTLA's INSURANCE WARS conference is open to APTLA Members and Non-Members, lawyers and non-lawyers. APTLA welcomes both plaintiff lawyers and non-lawyers to Membership. We would love to welcome you to Membership in the Association. Non-Members may wish to consider joining APTLA if they qualify for Membership. Members receive education discounts; exclusive use of our Members' ListServ; a subscription to APT Law Magazine; use of our state of the art website; and other annual benefits!

• $399.00 + HST = $450.87 for APTLA Regular and Sustaining Members
• $399.00 + HST = $450.87 for APTLA Associate Members
• $299.00 + HST = $337.87 for APTLA Young Lawyer Section Members
• $199.00 + HST = $224.87 for APTLA Clerk & Student Members

• $575.22 + HST = $650.00 for Non-APTLA Member Registrations
• $399.00 + HST = $450.87 for Non-APTLA Clerks & Students

Non Members who qualify for APTLA Membership may wish to join the Association in order to enjoy Member pricing and other valuable Member Benefits.

Registration includes a CD of conference materials, refreshment breaks, the conference luncheon, and HST.

All conference registrants will receive a CD of conference papers presented at the INSURANCE WARS program. Printed materials will be available on a limited basis at an additional cost of $75.00 for those attending the conference. The CD will have all of these papers provided to APTLA.


APTLA has established a preferred room rate of $159.00+tax at the Delta Halifax for those attending the conference. This rate is subject to availability and you must inform the Delta that you are attending the APTLA Insurance Conference when you are making your reservation. The direct contact for the Delta Halifax is (902) 425 6700 and ask for In-House Reservations. Please make your booking as soon as possible and before Friday, October 30th, 2009. After that date, the Delta will release our Room Block and rooms will be subject to availability and regular pricing.

CANCELLATIONS:  Registration cancellations must be received in the APTLA office no later than Friday, October 30th, 2009. We will issue a refund for the registration fee less a $50 processing fee. APTLA cannot accept cancellations after October 30th, 2009. Substitutions of another attendees from the same category of registration is always permitted; although we would appreciate notice of such substitutions.

Please contact the APTLA Office for any additional information and local accommodation suggestions (902 446 4446 / 866 314 4446 or