Half-Day, Friday, June 7th & Full-Day, Saturday, June 8th, 2019
Delta St. John's, St. John's, NL


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** This conference represents 10.5 Hours of MCPD Credits for each of the Law Societies of NB, NS, PEI and NL. **

Join us in the Far East - St. John’s, Newfoundland - as APTLA presents the Yin and Yang of Personal Injury Practice. Enlightenment has never been so easy. Let our legal masters guide you up the mountain of understanding stopping along the way to examine a broad range of practical subjects designed to add depth and breadth to your personal injury practice - no matter what your practice mix. The journey will begin with our Young Lawyers Section round-up of relevant case law and other recent developments. From there we will explore the latest pronouncements of the Supreme Court of Canada on expert opinion evidence and learn about evidence based cross-examination of expert witnesses. We’ll also get various perspectives on quantum of damages using real life case scenarios and look at approaches to settlement negotiations from both the defence and plaintiff point of view. As we continue we will meditate upon catastrophic personal injury cases and contemplate Zen and the art of Medical Malpractice claims. We’ll illuminate Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment cases including how to establish and calculate the impact of abuse and trauma on earning capacity. According to the tealeaves there is much more in store for you as you follow the path laid out by our conference gurus. With such a wide range of topics you’re sure to find many useful tips and tricks to improve your personal injury practice. You will leave St. John's enlightened, inspired and feeling at one with your practice.

YIN & YANG OF PERSONAL INJURY PRACTICE will include the following amazing presentations:
•  Enlightenment:  APTLA Young Lawyer’s Section Caselaw Review
•  Sobering Reality:  Insurer’s Duty to Defend and the Intoxicated Driver
•  Insurer Biolocation:  Waivers Issued by Insurers – Can They Defend the Action, but Deny Coverage?
•  Take a Deep Breath and…:  Tackling the Medical Malpractice Claim
•  Breaking Through:  Pushing the Limits on Damages in Catastrophic Claims
•  Quantum Quiz:  What’s is this Case Worth Anyway?
•  #MeToo Toolkit I - Winning the Sexual Abuse Case
•  #MeToo Toolkit II –
SexualHarrassment in the Workplace and Beyond
•  #MeToo Toolkit III - Connecting the Dots: Proving and Assessing Loss of Earning Capacity from Abuse and Trauma            
•  Winds of Change?  Expert Evidence after Saadati v. Moorehead
•  Expert Witness Jujitsu:  
An Evidence Based Approach to Cross-Examination
•  Reaching a
Higher Plain of Existence: Trial Lawyers’ Professional Codes of Conduct – The Ontario Experience
•  The Guru Speaks:  Supreme Court of Canada Case Law Review
•  From Both Sides Now:  Getting to Yes in Personal Injury Litigation


Special Luncheon Address"Elections, Rights & Leadership" by The Hon. Ches Crosbie, Q.C., Leader of the Opposition (NL)

We have put together an excellent faculty to make this conference educational, entertaining and useful to your practice. Presenters include:  Bruce Hillyer & Claire Wilkinson, Martin & Hillyer Associates (ON); Eugene Meehan, Q.C., Supreme Advocacy (ON);  Jack Blackier, Cox & Palmer; Steve Scruton, Aviva Canada; Charles Foster, Q.C., Foster & Company; Stephen Johnston, BOYNECLARKE LLP; and Wade Prior, Registered Psychologist.

We are delighted to have these APTLA Members in our faculty: Laura Veniot, Pressé Mason; Robert Creamer, Q.C., Lawson Creamer; John McKiggan, Q.C., McKiggan Hebert; David Brannen, Resolute Legal; Veronica Dillon, Russell Accident Law; Mike Dull, Valent Legal; Tara Miller, Q.C., MDW Law, David Parker, BOYNECLARKE LLP; and Associate Member, Sean FitzGerald, of Vocational Rehabilitation Assessments.

We welcome APTLA Young Lawyer Members, Matthew Drover of Gittens & Associates and Allison Conway of Budden Law.



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WHO CAN REGISTER?  APTLA'S CONFERENCE is open to APTLA Members and Non-Members, lawyers and non-lawyers.

$399.00 + HST = $458.85 for APTLA Lawyer Members
$399.00 + HST = $458.85 for APTLA Associate Members
$299.00 + HST = $343.85 for APTLA Young Lawyer Section Members
$199.00 + HST = $228.85 for APTLA Clerks & Students
$565.22 + HST = $650.00 for Non-Members
$399.00 + HST = $458.85 for Non-Member Clerks & Students

Conference Registration includes conference attendance, refreshment breaks, the conference luncheon, a ticket for the Presidents' Reception, a USB of conference materials and HST. A discount, as above, in registration fee is given to APTLA Members.


PRESIDENTS' RECEPTION BBQ: Through the generosity of APTLA’s Current, Past and Incoming Presidents, we will be having a great social event at our Yin & Yang Conference. Details to follow.

SATURDAY CONFERENCE LUNCHEON: Included in the registration fee is a conference luncheon generously sponsored by Seahold Investments. We will have a luncheon address by the Hon. Ches Crosbie, Q.C., Leader of the Opposition (NL).



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HOTEL ARRANGEMENTS:  APTLA had established a preferred room rate at the Delta St. John's for those attending the conference, but the block is closed and indeed the entire hotel is sold out. shows several downtown St. John's hotels with rooms at a variety of rates.

OFFS : Conference registration cancellations must be received in writing to the office on or before May 26, 2019. APTLA will issue a refund less a $50 processing fee. Hotel reservations must be made by Monday, May 5, 2019. After that date, the Delta St. John's will release our Room Block and rooms will be subject to availability and regular pricing.

DOCUMENTS:  There were several documents that we were not able to get into the materials binder or on the datasticks in advance of the conference. You can download them here and add them to your library of Yin & Yan conference papers and powerpoints:
2B - An Insurer's Duty to Defend - Laura Veniot 
7B - Commmon Mistakes in Sexual Assault Cases - Wilkinson PPT
7C - Sexual Assault Cases - Mike Dull PPT
13A - Expert Evidence After Saadati vs. Morehead - Eugene Meehan, Q.C. 
13B - Expert Evidence After Saadati vs. Morehead - Eugene Meehan, Q.C. PPT
14 - S.C.C. Caselaw Review - Eugene Meehan, Q.C