(Generally) Fridays and Tuesdays in June starting at Noon

Each conference segment is accredited for MCPD Credits for lawyers in each of NB, NL, NS and PEI. The full program is accredited for 11 Hours of MCPD Credits.


We know the ultimate aim of a personal injury lawsuit is to make the client whole, insofar as money can. But how do we assess the full extent of the losses? How do we quantify the damages? In short, how do we effectively and persuasively present the case for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages during settlement conferences and at trial? We've assembled a stellar lineup of trial lawyers and expert witnesses to answer these and many more questions. Join us as APTLA dives deep into damages at its annual personal injury advocacy conference. This webinar series is your key to the best practices and strategies for the presentation of your client's case in every single one of your files.

APTLA's DAMAGES, DAMAGES, DAMAGES conference is broken into segments and will be presented as follows:

1.  DAMAGES KICK OFF SEGMENT - WATCH THE WEBINAR ->  "First You Have to Win - Evaluation, Preparation, and Presentation of Your Case"
     - by Greg Cusimano

2.  DAMAGES BACKGROUND SEGMENT - WATCH THE WEBINAR ->  Non-Pecuniary Damages For Pain, Suffering, and Loss Of Amenities
     - by Gerald Ralph & Lyndsay Jardine

3.  DAMAGES - TWO CONSTANTS - WATCH THE WEBINAR -> Death & Taxes:  Tips, Traps, and Tales
     - with Ernest Gittens & Jessie Shaw Gmeiner

4.  DAMAGES KEYNOTE - WATCH THE WEBINAR ->  "The Million Dollar Question... What Social Science and Psychological Research Says About What to Ask For"
      - by Greg Cusimano


5.  REQUIRED "READING" - TBA - September, 2020
      A Look at the Fight to Preserve Victim’s Rights in Atlantic Canada - Barry Mason, Q.C.

6.  WHAT ABOUT WORK I? - WATCH THE WEBINAR -> Loss Of Income Or Diminished Earning Capacity?
     - with Mike Dull, Gordon Krofchick & Matthew Krofchick

7.  WHAT ABOUT WORK II? - WATCH THE WEBINAR -> How Delayed Entry Into The Workforce & Early Retirement Impacts Losses
     - with Robert Creamer, Q.C., Chris Isnor & Jarrett Reaume

8.  WHAT LIFE WILL BE LIKE? - WATCH THE WEBINAR -> Loss Of Valuable Services & Calculating Future Care Costs

     - with David Gauthier, Sean Fitzgerald, Ruth Duggan & Kelley McKeating

9.  WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU CAN'T DO EVERYTHING? - WATCH THE WEBINAR -> The Who, What, When, Where And Why Of Vocational Assessments
     - by Sean Fitzgerald

10. EXPERTS CHIME IN - WATCH THE WEBINAR -> Accountants And Advocacy in the Middle of a Pandemic - Focus on Self-Employment

     - with Carolyn Seaquist, Arlene Posel & Brianna Donnelly

We have put together an excellent faculty to make this conference educational, entertaining, and useful to your practice and we will not be dissuaded by a pandemic!

We are delighted to welcome renowned litigator, trial consultant, and legal author, Gregory S. Cusimano of
Cusimano, Roberts, Mills, and Knowlton (AL) as our conference's featured, guest speaker.
Greg is a leader in his field and accepted as one of the US’ top attorneys, who regularly lectures on trial law, tactics, and persuasion to both lawyers and at law schools across America. He is also a founding principal in Winning Works, a national consulting firm.

We welcome Jessie Gmeiner, Gmeiner Actuarial Services; Gordon Krofchick, Krofchick Valuations; Jarrett Reaume, Matson Driscoll & Damico; Sean FitzGerald, Vocational Rehabilitation; Kelley McKeating, McKeating Actuarial Services; Carolyn Seaquist, RSM Canada; Arlene Posel, Miljac Valuations; Brianna Donnelly, Grant Thornton & Ruth Duggan of Cornerstone Occupational Therapy Consultants to our faculty.

We are grateful to have these APTLA Members in our faculty: Gerald Ralph, Central Law; Lyndsay Jardine, Wagners; Ernest Gittens, Gittens & Associates; Robert Creamer, Q.C., Lawson Creamer, Mike Dull, Valent Legal; David Gauthier, Gauthier & Associates; David Brannen, Resolute Legal; Barry Mason, Q.C., Pressé Mason; Chris Correia, Q.C., Correia Collins; Virginia Gilmore, Fidelis Law/Droit; Kyle Campbell, Lenehan Musgrave; and John Maynard, Q.C., Key Murray Law.



McKellar Structured Settlements    •    AssessMed     •    Grant Thornton

Kodsi Engineering    •    Matson Driscoll & Damico

McKeating Actuarial Services    •    Bridgepoint Financial    •    RSM Canada   

Charles Foster, Q.C., Mediations    •    Allevio Pain Management    •    Vocational Rehabilitation Assessments




WHO CAN REGISTER?  APTLA'S CONFERENCE is open to APTLA Members and Non-Members, lawyers and non-lawyers.

APTLA MEMBER REGISTRATION - All Ten Segments = 11 Hours of MCPD Credits
$399.00 + HST - APTLA Lawyer Members
$399.00 + HST - APTLA Associate Members
$299.00 + HST - APTLA Young Lawyer Section Members
$199.00 + HST - APTLA Clerks & Students
NON-APTLA MEMBER REGISTRATION - All Ten Segments = 11 Hours of MCPD Credits
$565.22 + HST - for Non-Members

Conference Registration includes access to all live and recorded webinars, and conference materials (online and via a USB). Those wishing to sign-up for individual segments should contact the APTLA Office for pricing and registration. Individual Segments are between $65-$100 + HST/fees each for Members; and $80-$125 for Non-Members. There is a significant discount for registering for the entire program, and the flexibility to take or watch the webinars whenever you want.

WHO CAN JOIN THE ASSOCIATION?  APTLA welcomes both plaintiff lawyers and non-lawyers to Membership. We would love to welcome you to Membership in the Association. Non-Members may wish to consider joining APTLA if they qualify for Membership. New Members immediately qualify for reduced pricing for this conference. If you wish to join us and avail yourself of Member pricing, please contact the office.

WHAT ARE THE MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS?  APTLA Members receive education discounts; exclusive use of our Members' ListServ; a subscription to APT Law Magazine; use of our state of the art website; and other annual benefits!


All hotel reservations previously made for the in-person conference will be canceled by The Algonquin. We are proceeding with this conference via Zoom Webinars. There is no hotel component.

CANCELLATIONS & CUT OFFSConference registration cancellations must be received in writing to the office on or before Monday, June 1st, 2020.